The CREMO specialty shop proposes all kinds of Fribourg and Gruyère delicacies.

Tel. +41 (0)26 664 03 35


  • Cheeses of the country of Fribourg, particularly the Gruyère and the Vacherin, made from the milk of this beautiful region of the Alps.
  • For travellers, we can vacuum pack cheeses, in order to avoid undesirable smell and preserve quality for longer trips. Many of our customers require and appreciate this way of packaging our products.
  • Our stand offers a very wide range of different cheeses.
  • A «moitié-moitié» mix for first quality Fondue.
  • Renowned creams of Fribourg country, in particular the Gruyère double cream, recommended with the traditionnally baked Meringues, or with seasonal berries.
  • Biscuits, parts of regional specialties amongst which «pain d’anis», «croquettes», «bricelets», «Bulle walnut cake», enjoy a reputation beyond the Fribourg boundaries.
  • Various bread specialties.
  • Saussages, charcuterie and locally smoked ham.
  • A choice of «caquelons» (fondue pan) and many more regional souvenirs.